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Welcome to The HyperCard Center!

I've loved HyperCard for many years and used it extensively in the 1990s. I recently worked on a simple HyperCard stack and wanted to webify the HyperTalk Reference stack for easier access. This is my #MARCHintosh2022 project.

This website has both Modern and Retro views.

Current Status
March 24, 2022

This is a work in progress and most of the documentation formatting is pulled from the HyperCard stack with all its quirks. There's a lot of mixed up formatting that I'm hand-editing. I've integrated the Placeholder docs from the Help Extras stack so, for example, all the options for effect are listed in the entry for visual.

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HyperTalk Reference

HyperTalk basics | Editing scripts | System messages | Keywords | Commands | Functions | Properties | Operators and constants

HyperCard Resources

  • hypercard.org
  • HyperCard Discord
  • HyperCardPreview - Pierre Lorenzi's modern macOS app that renders HyperCard stacks beautifully, providing easy text copying, and even a JSON export. This project would've been multitudes more difficult without this app.
  • HyperCard Graphics Pack - Eliot Gardepe exported over 1,000 graphics, icons, and templates from HyperCard.

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